New Reality Show: Steve Mnuchin living off $1,200 for ten weeks

I'll show you poor idiot's how it's done


Washington – In an effort to curb the publics negative opinion about him, Steve Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary, has vowed to live off $1,200 dollars for ten weeks in new reality showed titled: “I’ll show you poor idiots how it’s done”.

Steven Spielberg has already bought the rights to “I’ll show you poor idiots how it’s done” for a reported $4.5 billion dollars.  At the end of the two weeks Steve Mnuchin will realize half of the $4.5 billion dollars or $2.25 billion personally for staring in the show.

“Look, being poor is easy,” Steve Mnuchin stated.  “Poor people have relatively simple and stress-free lives.  I’m a big fan of Trailer Park Boys so I know how it’s done.  In fact, I’m actually pretty excited to be poor for ten weeks.  I can’t wait to start smoking cigarettes, slamming 40oz malt liquor bottles and having an eventful life in the trailer park.”

We asked Steve if he would co-sponsor a show where a poor person would switch places with him Steve gave us a hard no.  “There is no way I am letting a poor person live in my $13 million dollar house in Washington D.C.  I don’t want my satin sheets smelling like poverty.  Plus, poor people wouldn’t even be able to handle my lavish lifestyle.”

We spoke with an expert on reality television to see how this would work.

“Reality TV isn’t very reality at all,” expert Mike Johnson stated.  “In fact, reality TV is about as unrealistic as you can get.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they entire TV show is made up just for a publicity stunt.”

Publicity stunt or not, we are excited to see Steve wear stained white-beater shirts, smoke GPC cigarettes and get drunk every night while eating spam.

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