Nikola, Trevor Milton, Hindenburg
Source: YouTube

Nikola Motor Company CEO Trevor Milton announced Monday that his company was taking $5,000 deposits from customers interested in solving institutional racism.

“As an agent of social change, Nikola is promising to completely solve racism within 5 to 7 years,” Milton said. “Of course, we need the capital to offset our costs. That’s why we are asking for a very modest deposit of $5,000 per customer.”

The company clarified that $5,000 is only an initial deposit; customers will be asked to pay the full amount upon completion of the product. It is unclear what the final price will be.

“This is something that Tesla could never do,” Milton said about his chief competitor. “Elon Musk just doesn’t have the balls. Only asking for $100 deposits for the Cyber Truck is pathetic.”

When asked to clarify what his solution to racism would be, Milton lashed out at the reporter for being a “dickless short seller.”

Only 2 hours after the announcement, 12,000 virtual-signaling rich people had placed their deposits.

In response to the enthusiasm from customers, Nikola updated their website to include a group photo of Nikola employees with at least one minority visible in the foreground.

Trevor Milton Motors
Source: YouTube