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Notable scientist warns of renewable energy’s true cost to environment

Renewable Energy
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Geneva, Switzerland – Growth in the renewable energy sector has been a beacon of hope for climate activists around the world. “Reducing the worlds reliance on fossil fuels and cutting CO2 emissions is the only way to save our planet from extinction”, says 3rd grade schoolboy Greto Thurnbarg, a leading figure in the fight against climate change.

However, there is a growing concern about the true cost of renewable energy. Recent reports reveal that when a wind turbine comes to the end of its useful life, the blades cannot be recycled and end up getting stacked up in random fields. The photo shown below is just one of the the thousands of “turbine graveyards” popping up around the globe.

But that’s not the most concerning development. Notable German scientist Richard Von Kinder warns of the coming crisis. “The growth in wind turbines has been kept unchecked for too long”, says Kinder.

Growing Concern of Renewable Energy

In fact, they’re growing in both number and size, with nearly 1.7 billion turbines installed at and average height of 6,500 feet (roughly the same size as the Empire State Building).

“That is way too much force”, says Kinder. “Once we hit 2 billion installed turbines, if my calculations are correct, the world will be propelled through space, directly towards the sun”.

Kinder recommends the world cease all renewable investments immediately and instead invest heavily in oil and natural gas infrastructure. “The only way to counteract the forced generated by these turbines is to produce CO2, lots and lots of CO2.”

Kinder’s research suggests 11 months to reverse the effects of wind turbine propulsion before it is too late.

Reported by: Ernie Adams, CFA