Joe Biden Syrian

The United States carried out air strikes authorized by President Joe Biden against facilities belonging to Iranian-backed militia in eastern Syria on Thursday, in response to rocket attacks against U.S. targets in Iraq, the Pentagon said.

The strikes appeared to be somewhat limited in scope, potentially lowering the risk of escalation, but it is not clear exactly how much damage was caused.

While the decision to carry out an airstrike in the midst of a global pandemic was not tremendously popular amongst the general public, there is one now-civilian, who couldn’t have been more proud of President Biden.

“Well, gosh. I was proud as could be when I saw the news. Joe picking up right where I left off, firing off missiles at Syria. There is nothing like putting that order in, kicking your feet up with an ice cold beer, and knowing that people will stop nagging you about domestic issues for at least a week or two. So, to my colleague and friend I say thank you, America is Back. That’s how it’s done, Brother.”

Although Obama was quick to praise Biden, it is still unclear if he is even aware that he ordered an attack. A source inside the oval office said his DoorDash monitor is alarmingly close to his work computer—and after 3 p.m. ‘the old bastard’ is liable to do anything.”