OnlyFans IPO

OnlyFans, the online adult subscription service where content creators earn money from simps, is expecting a record-breaking $69 billion IPO.

The record-breaking IPO comes only weeks after Jerome Powell joining the OnlyFans platform.

It is speculated that the IPO was heavily inspired by the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, as it was reported he was unhappy with the number of subscriptions he had been accumulating despite switching to “feet-only” content.

Despite the initial success of the Chairman’s account, his popularity quickly dwindled just to a few older gentlemen as of last month.

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Powell is said to be financially supporting the IPO with money from his personal Kodak printer, and our insider trading resources tell us to expect $JRKOF to make the best performing first-day IPO in nearly one-hundred decades.

The Chairmen of the Fed continues to promise Americans funded stimulus checks if his OnlyFans account increases in popularity.