AMC Short

Hello, I am a manager of a hedge fund currently managing 40-60 billion dollars worth of assets and securities. For the sake of my privacy and safety, I will not be disclosing my name or what fund I actively manage.

My fund is short AMC and despite the numerous Reddit attempts to pump the stock, it won’t work. We have the capital to outlive Reddit investors for YEARS, which is our long term strategy. These short squeeze’s have actually presented excellent opportunities to actually get a much bigger return on our shorts, fundamentally nothing with AMC has changed, they still sell overpriced popcorn, have dirty theaters, and are going to be dead within the next 5 years due to streaming.

You may think if you are a part of the Reddit mob you are “screwing the big guy” but you aren’t, we can afford to eat millions of dollars of loss for years before we get a return on our investment which we do regularly. The average Reddit investor who invests their life savings, of lets say $20,000 into AMC that chooses to hold this stock will be punished severely. Already we are up on our massive short position opened at 68 dollars a share after today’s slump making any previous slump insignificant.