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COVID Lawsuit

Man Gets COVID Intentionally, Wins Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Employer

MINNEAPOLIS - A man from Minneapolis just won a multi-million dollar lawsuit against his employer...
Nikola Corporation

Five Reasons Why I’m Buying Nikola Corporation Hand Over Fist

I love Nikola Corporation because the stock goes up and not down.  This means the...
Nikola Doxxing

VP of Nikola Spends Sunday Night “DOXXING” Parody Accounts

Growing increasingly unhinged after getting slammed by FinTwit rising star, John W.B. Rich (Wealthy), Jason...
Liberty Medical

Trump Taps Liberty Medical to be sole US distributor of Coronavirus Testing Supplies

A GOLF COURSE - In the midst of surging coronavirus cases and testing limitations across...
Kick a tenant out

10 Ways to Kick a Tenant out of your Rental Property

Owning real estate is one of the best ways to build long-term wealth.  It's a...



Opinion: Make The United States O&G Complex Pay For Reparations

Social Justice Warriors unite! I have found the solution to the ever-relevant issue of economic inequality. For decades, politicians have been demanding reparations for...
Portnoy natural gas

Portnoy Shorts Natural Gas Futures To Spite Buffett

After seeing the news that Buffett, Oracle of Nursing Homes, purchased Dominion Energy’s natural gas storage for $10 Billion, day trading legend Dave Portnoy...
Dave Portnoy Warren Buffett

Dave Portnoy Destroys Oil Barons with 🚀 Astronomic 🚀 First Well

In a move only accomplishable by the most winning winner of the winners, Dave Portnoy goes YOLO on a South Texas Oil Well and...

Engineers and Declining Fertility: The Obvious Connection

We live in a world of endless corporate growth. Where every CEO strives for the Sisyphean task of ever-increasing profits and stock value. Unless...
chesapeake energy poison pill

Chesapeake’s Poison Pill doesn’t go quite as planned

Several weeks ago, The Stonk Market revealed that the Chesapeake Energy decision to implement a poison pill was largely a gesture to help Robinhood...

The Stonks

President Trump Neighborhoods

President Trump Tours Neighborhoods Hit Hardest by Stock Market Crash

President Trump flew to New York on Monday to begin a one-week tour of the neighborhoods in America most affected by the stock market...

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