Passenger Arrested For Smuggling Gold Up Rectum To Avoid Taxes

Commissionerate of Customs (Preventive), Cochin

A hero was arrested earlier this week at the Kannur Airport in Kerala after officials found two pounds of gold hidden inside of his rectum.  According to sources, the hero flew from Dubai to the Kerala airport in India with 972 grams inside of his rectum.  With the current price of gold at $1,900, this equates to almost $60,000 USD.

Apparently when the man exited the airplane he was walking funny.  When officers saw his goofy waltz, they ended up arresting him and later extracting the gold.

Currently there is a goods and service tax in India of 18%.  At the current gold price, the man was looking to save over $10,800 USD.

In addition to the rectum warrior, airline officials also found three more pounds of gold lined in capsules in someone’s underwear.

For those who don’t know, Dubai is the epicenter for gold smuggling and other illegal activities. In just September wet gold dust was confiscated from three different individuals totaling over 2,436 grams.

According to India Today, there is more gold in held by individuals than their central bank:

India has around 20,000 tonnes of gold reserve in private hands, says a report. This is more than the combined gold reserves held by the central banks of the US, Eurozone and China.

Experts estimate that over one-fourth of the total volume of gold coming into India is smuggled.  With gold imports at 800-900 tonnes, this implies the annual tonnage being smuggled is close to 200 tonnes.  75% of smuggled gold comes from the UAE.

In 2013 India raised the tax duty to 10%.  In the summer of 2019,  the duty tax was raised to 12.5% to help recapitalize the banks and bring down the fiscal deficit.  The current duty tax incentivizes, individuals to smuggle gold, adding an additional layer of profit to professional gold smugglers.

So if you think this is the last you will hear from the gold smuggling rectum warriors, think again.  These tax avoiders are here to stay.