PayPal Bumble

Global payment platform, PayPal, has stated that it would be launching a commodity swap in the second quarter of the year. The commodity swap would give PayPal customers the chance to swap their cryptocurrencies for Bumble chicks.

In a statement released by the company’s CEO, Dan Schulman, the company stated that it  responded to the increasing demand from its consumers to be able to get added value for their digital assets. The commodity swap allows PayPal users to date anybody on Bumble, provided they have conducted due diligence on the person’s character and profile.

If a member is matched with an undesirable partner, they earn interest on their cryptos provided they stay in the relationship.  The global payment platform said it would also offer customized swaps for high net income clients who have dating (or sexual preferences) which are not covered by the standardized swap contracts.

The move by PayPal has also been welcomed by users in Bumble, an app that prides itself in requiring women to make the first move, because it allows women to reduce the amount of risk spent dating broke or undesirable man.