Nancy Pelosi Portfolio

In order to capitalize on her leading inside-position as the highest ranking woman in Congress, House Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi joined forces with Billionaire Investor Chamath Palihapitiya to form a new ETF focused on insider information of coming billion dollar plus government contracts.

“For years the Republicans have been calling me anti-capitalist, we’ll look who’s having the last laugh now? There’s nothing more capitalist than being rich and since getting into office, I’ve become VERY rich.”

In a press release following Pelosi’s announcement Palihapitiya stated that, “I’m more interested in SPACS, but if there is an opportunity to fleece the ignorance of the American tax payer and retail investors at the same time, I just can’t stay away.”

When asked if the concept of her ETF was legal, Pelosi rolled her eyes, saying “Does it really matter? Democrats control everything now.”