Analysts were shocked this week when they saw Perimeter Medical’s stock ($PINK) nearly double despite not having an ounce of meaningful news come out about the company.

Now—in today’s economy, a stock charging up the chart without cause is far from unheard of. But this was a strange one. There was no buzz on social media. No billionaires touting it for a pump and dump.

But there was one gamechanger that NO ONE expected for the Toronto-based company with its U.S. headquarters in Dallas, Texas, that creates imaging tools for surgeons, radiologists, and pathologists.

And that—my friends… Was the beast that is the pink supermoon, a phenomenon that happens when a full moon is in perigee—or its closest point to Earth in its orbit.

During this state, the moon can appear nearly 15-percent larger and 30-percent brighter.

And… did I mention its pink? Pretty sick, I know.

Anyway—it turns out there was some confusion amongst speculators when they saw all of the hubbub on Twitter about the pink supermoon and people mistakenly thought that $PINK was going to the “super moon.”

An understandable mistake considering this is a crowd of people so delusionally thirsty for gains that they neglect any semblance of common sense.

It has since been reported that Jeremy Sobotta, the CEO of Perimeter Medical Imaging AI, has since cashed in $100 million in stock and moved to Spain where he plans to follow his “passion” of painting portraits for plus sized models on the beach.