Poor Credit

If you’re like most Americans that have poor credit due to incredibly bad life decisions, you know how hard it is to buy that new 78″ 32k HD 4D curved screen TV on the Best Buy credit card to replace that outdated 60″ 4k TV you bought 6 months ago for $7,500 from Crazy Eddie.

Well, I’m here to tell you that your life isn’t over. I will show you how you can rebuild your credit using a proprietary process that The King of Fraud Sam Antar would be proud of.

Given that you are inherently a reckless person (otherwise you’d have good credit), you don’t have time to waste doing things the “right way”, such as working with creditors to pay down debt, not utilizing 100% of credit available, and making on-time payments. This approach just isn’t a good fit with the lavish lifestyle you can’t afford that you have become accustomed to.

Now that I have your attention, here’s the secret ingredient to my process: children. Lots of them.

How the process works is simple:

  1. Have as many children as possible. These children do not need to have the same mother or father. In fact, child output can be much higher with multiple partners.
  2. The moment the child is born, you apply for a social security number.
  3. Immediately open up as many credit cards as possible under your child’s name. They won’t find out until after you’re dead (remember, you are reckless and will likely die young), so there’s no repercussions you will need to be concerned about.

And voila! You now have an unlimited supply of credit with no requirement to make a single payment…EVER!

Testimonials from my satisfied clients:

Kim, Instagram “model”, New York, NY: “Living in Manhattan is really expensive, especially when you have rich friends and need to keep up with the Joneses. Chadford’s program has changed the person I see in the mirror for the better! I used my child’s social security number to open a line of credit to pay for 72 different plastic surgeries. Thank you Chadford!”

Devyn, digital marketer, San Francisco, CA: “I’ve always made bad choices in my life. I was coddled by my parents, so I never learned to take responsibility for my actions. Chadford’s program has been a perfect fit for me. I haven’t had to change any of the selfish behaviors I learned growing up as a spoiled brat.”

And if you act now, I’ll throw in for FREE my guide on “How To Take Out A 120% LTV Home Mortgage Under Your 5 Year Old Child’s Name” ($999 value)!

So what are you waiting for? Act now!