Barstool Sports founder and newly minted investor Dave Portnoy was hosting his daily stock market livestream doing his usual pumping of whatever stock is trending on Twitter that day when he invested a significant sum into Sundial ($SNDL).

After the stock began to tumble at market open after being up over 60% at market open, a fan of Portnoy’s donated $20 to the millionaire to send words of positivity saying, “Don’t freak out Dave, Sundial could be one of the biggest cannabis companies in Canada they recently cleared their debt and have a bright outlook.” the viewer said.

Portnoy looked visibly confused stating “Is this some kind of fucking joke, I don’t give a fuck if they expand to Canada why is this fucking stock falling, what is more American than smoking weed and gambling?” he said.

Viewers in his livestream chat quickly began to explain that Sundial is actually based out of Quebec and non-American companies can be listed on the NYSE.

Portnoy began to go on a rant for twenty minutes screaming “Are you fucking serious? Not only are they Canadian, but THERE FRENCH CANADIAN? This is fucking bullshit this is a scam, how can the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE, allow companies not from America list themselves and take American money, this is completely unpatritoic, I dare the SEC to explain this horseshit, I mean what the fuck do the French know about weed? Cigarette smoking degenerates man.”