Capital Losses

The FDA authorized the use of Pfizer vaccine for the prevention of Covid-19 for children ages 5 through 11. This long-waited vaccine approval come as a relief for parents and physicians across the nation. Vaccinating children will bring the nation one step closer to normalcy. The FDA ensured that the decision to release the vaccine for children is perfectly safe. They are confident in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

There has been pushback from many citizens in the Nation about vaccinating children. Many individuals think there has not been enough testing done and the FDA approval is too large of risk. The Biden Administration promised to deliver $350 billion dollars through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) but are now reevaluating who will get the funds. The president and his staff had a press conference and had this to say,

“Those States who do not force their children to get the vaccine will not be receiving ARPA funds. This is a key component of fighting Covid. Why won’t you do it, I don’t care how you force the kids to get those vaccines, but you got to do it.”

It was then reported that the president walked off stage in a confused state, scratched his butt, sniffed it, then looked at Vice President Kamala Harris and said, “I’d sure like a piece of that ass”.