President Trump Outlines Plans to Save Boeing; Spur Oil Demand


On Sunday morning, President Trump’s administration outlined plans to save the beleagured Aviation Giant, while simultaneously boosting oil demand. Steven Mnuchin, the US Secretary of the Treasury, explained, “Effective immediately, the administration will be purchasing 535 airplanes from Boeing. Democrats will be receiving the 737 Max, while others will get the traditional 747. Members are asked to perform all necessary office functions and votes aboard the planes. Additionally, the planes will only be allowed to touch down for refueling, restocking, and crew change.”

Surprisingly, there was little pushback from Democrats, even among the most fervent climate-conscious members. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agreed as long as her staff were all paid wages on a level with the pilots. Apparently, the lure of a personal jet was too much to overcome environmental concerns.

Oil prices doubled on the news while Boeing stock was halted limit up in pre-market trading.

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