The former Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan Markle, have had a rough start to their new life in North America. The couple started their new non-royal lives in Canada but have been living in Los Angeles for several months. It has not been a comfortable start.

Picture by Mark Jones, Flickr

A report leaked about Harry’s recent conversation with an old friend. The report indicates Harry is looking for more meaning in his new life. According to Harry’s friend, the former Prince is irritated with the couple’s lack of security, Meghan’s spending habits, and his inability to capitalize on COVID-19.

“Her mentally unstable sister tried to run over my foot with her wheelchair” Harry confided to his friend. “If she had tried that in London she would be sent to HM Prison at Thameside.”

To make matters worse, the former royals may not use the Sussex Royal brand name for their new money raising endeavors.

Understandably, papers were recently filed in Los Angeles County’s office of Secretary of State which show Harry and Meghan will open a hedge fund named Wealth Transfer Unlimited.

“WTU” as the fund will be known will be available to accredited investors. An attorney familiar with the matter said “The structure of the fund will be 3% annual fee and 30% of profits in excess of 0%.” Quite steep for a new fund.

The attorney went on to say “The couple felt strongly about being more expensive than the average hedge fund, so that they could give back more to the community. Harry is smart, he knows the S&P 500 has beaten over 90% of hedge funds over the past ten years. So he will simply own the index.” A targeted raise of $10 billion has been set with roadshows to begin in June. The raise is expected to last only three days.

This story is developing.

By Thorstein Veblen