Why don’t we just pass an amendment to the constitution that allows voters to vote if their deceased. However; if the deceased must vote (as they already do in some states) then they should receive all the financial benefits as if they were living.

Benefits such as: Social Security, Medicare, a Pension, and the Decennial Census and all its pork. Of course, they would need to refund to the Federal Government the $250.00 death benefit in order to continue to receive the right to vote.

This might be a win-win for the federal government. They could still tax the deceased voters and never worry about providing medical services with the money they would collect on Medicare (currently; $170.10/month or $2,041.20/year).

This is just a small price to pay (for the federal government and U.S. business’s) if their bent on ensuring they get their party in office. One other benefit the government may have overlooked is the decennial census. Voter districts would need to reflect this new growth from its deceased population and with that would come more pork.

Nothing like a win-win for the government.

Silence Dogood