Proud Boy, Rufio Panman, the hero or all heroes, was recently nominated to receive the Noble Peace prize, for kicking virgin Antifa asses with his bare knuckles.

We congratulate you Rufio Panman. You have done this country a great service – protecting us from the hypocrisy of the weak, virgin Antifa. Without your bare-knuckle bashing – that those faggity Antifa so deserved – there would be more weak creatures of Marx doctrine roaming the streets looking for their little ‘handouts’.

The leaders of the Antifa have caught wind of this recent nomination – running and screaming to their mother’s bosoms. They think that this nomination is, in their words is, “so unfair”. And that, “they deserve a medal as well”, you know, because everyone is a ‘winner’.

To be fair to the Antifa losers, we have created a medal for them – Remember to send this medal to all Antifa members that you know, so they know that ‘everyone is a winner’.

We tried to get Proud Boy Rufio Panman on the phone to talk about his recent nomination to the Noble Peace prize but he was too busy kicking Antifa asses.