DaBaby Transgender

Charlotte-based rapper DaBaby, best known for his hits ‘Suge’, ‘Rockstar, and ‘BOP’ has come out as transgender after being cancelled within the past week for an insensitive rant he went on at a concert.

He tried to motivate his concert crowd by stating “If you do not suck a dick in the parking lot, or catch HIV/AIDS at Rolling Loud, or any other disease that’ll kill you in 2-3 weeks put your phone light up in the air.” While this was meant to be a funny statement to hype up the crowd, many in the LGBTQ+ community took offense to it, calling it homophobic and ignorant.

As a result of these comments, DaBaby has been getting called out by several celebrities, has lost several brand sponsorships, and collaborations, even losing his spot to perform at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, so to save face DaBaby has come out as transgender.

“Let me apologize to anybody I hurt with my statements, but I must come out and live my truth. I am a transgender, I identify as a woman and have been one my whole life. These statements were simply made because I was insecure about my identity.”