J. Cole

Popular rapper and all around star J. Cole went on a rampage dissing the United States fiat dollar. Although it is unclear what his beef with the dollar is he seems to be spreading the message of rebelling against the government to his followers. “The dollar isn’t backed by gold no more y’all. They keep printing this shit like it’s some clothing, it’s too much. We need to be investing in Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum to secure our wealth.”

Many of J. Cole’s followers seemed to agree with the message, but others didn’t receive it too well. “Bro please stop the crap, that fake ass money isn’t gonna do anyone any good, you can’t even buy shit with it. To which Cole responded “You need to educate yourself it is the future of our world and society. When wealth is controlled by the people it cannot be manipulated by the government, it is in our hands.”