Remember the unnerving original Ray J and Kim Kardashian sex tape? “How could I ever forget that”, I bet you’re saying? When I watched it I spent the next six hours puking to a porcelain god – trying to get the visual sights of a man having sex with a hobbit out of my head. It was purely disgusting – purely repulsive.

The sight of a hobbit sucking a man’s cock was sickening. I still can’t get the sounds of the hobbit saying “oh baby, oh baby, cum on my face”. God it makes me sick! Remember those nasty panties she was wearing? If you look closely enough – I suggest you don’t – you can see shit stains on them. Hold up, I gotta run to the bathroom and puke for a bit.

Well, the worst thing to happen since the holocaust has happened. Ray J has released the never before seen Kim Kardashian sex tape. We all knew the day was coming. Ray J has been touting to poor old Kayne that he was going to release the most gruesome, the most sexual, the most disgusting sex tape of him and the hobbit the world has ever seen. Kayne has always thought he was bluffing. But Kayne was dead wrong…dead wrong.

I recently finished watching the sex tape. I don’t know how to feel. I am beginning to question my sexuality. Furthermore, I have always thought of myself as well versed in the act of sex – reading the Kama Sutra 84 different times in six different languages. The stuff performed in this sex tape was things I have never seen before. It’s some dark stuff man.

I can’t put the video here on the website due to copyright reasons. Furthermore, I don’t really want this video on my site to begin with. If you click on the following link be warned – this is not for children, women or the weak minded. Please have a bucket by you if you need to puke.

You must be at least 18 years old to view. Caveat Emperor!

Click HERE to view the never before seen Ray J and Kim Kardashian sex tape!


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