Divorce Options

JACKSONVILLE — Anthony Rizzo sat pensively at his office window, an unblinking stare plastered across his face. His wife, Melissa, had filed for divorce just one day prior and Anthony had understandably been walking around with a general air of malaise about him.

The way a man like Anthony processes traumatic information is not unlike many men before him…quietly.

Anthony had emotionally withdrawn from his marriage three or four years ago. He can’t even remember when exactly.

In fact today was the first time he’d felt anything in his recent memory. It was foreign feeling, as if a hot compress was stuck to the inside of his stomach lining. He blinked and began to focus on a pigeon pacing back and forth on the sidewalk outside his office window. The bird’s head was bobbing violently back and forth as it went.

“What an awfully odd way to walk,” thought Rizzo.

Just then, his manager, Tom Saldero, who had been sleeping with Melissa for years now, walked into Rizzo’s office. Saldero didn’t know that Rizzo was keen on the affair.

“Hey buddy,” Saldero said in a comforting voice, “I heard about you and Melissa. I’m so sorry to hear it. Divorces are never easy.”

“Thanks Tom,” said Rizzo. He could feel the heat in his belly build to a simmer.

“Well…Look at the bright side, Tony! You’ve got a lot of options now,” Saldero said.

“My options will expire worthless on Friday,” Rizzo chirped back abruptly as he stood up, grabbed his things and walked swiftly out of the office.

Saldero looked on in bewilderment as Rizzo passed him in the doorframe.

“What a loser,” Saldero whispered under his breath.