Dogecoin Wendy's

Dublin, Ohio – The Wendy’s Company reported this afternoon that they experienced a surge in “fryer cook” applications due to the recent Dogecoin price plummet. “It was really strange actually,” Meghan Hones, HR Rep stated. “Once Dogecoin started to fall a surge of new applications just started to come in. It was nothing like we have ever seen.”

The price of Dogecoin has been in freefall mode since last night. The reason? No one really knows. Some say it from less traders playing the market due to the economy reopening. Others say it is a reversion of the mean. Then there are others that scream the words “Elon Musk” while punching themselves in the face.

Despite the long-term Dogecoin price, there is one thing that is certain. There won’t be any lines in the Wendy’s drive thru this summer.