Reddit GameStop

Reddit user “J_POW_FUCKED_MY_WIFE” went viral on the Wallstreetbets subreddit early this morning stating that the 20% dip on GameStop shares post earnings is actually bullish. He starts off by saying “Despite GameStop Q4 2020 sales being lower than Q4 2019, this is actually great news for GameStop”. He said, “My thesis is GameStop isn’t focusing on video games as much any more but rather the bigger picture, the cure to cancer,” he added.

“I think what Ryan Cohen has planned is something that will exceed all expectations, I think GameStop soon sells shares and begins to fund research into a cure to cancer in which they will own in its entirety which I predict will send GameStop well over the $2,000 mark.”

While it being incredibly unlikely GameStop would ever attempt such a bold move another Reddit user, screen name “oreomcflurryganggang” commented under the thread saying “Seems like a real possibility, just tripled my position in GameStop, APE GANG DIAMOND HANDS. GME 2 THE MOOOOOOOOON”. This comment was met with over four thousand upvotes and comments of similar sentiment leading to a combined IQ of 17 in the entire forum post.