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What’s up moneymakers? I’m back after a court dispute that I’m legally barred from discussing with a brand new discovery I found. I’m going to share this revelation with the community because it helped me, so why shouldn’t it help you?

I want you to take a little walk with me, just go with me here for a second. So you get your paycheck at the end of the week, and you already see that utter annoyance of Social Security taken out of your paycheck to pay for the elderly dying slower or whatever, right?

And then the more annoying part of having to go through the lengthy process of filing your taxes to support a government that just leeches off of your fatty gains like a needy child “needing to breastfeed” two months after birth. Alphas like me only needed six weeks to breastfeed, and that was the weakest of us. Either way, I think I have finally found a way for you to finally circumvent this trying process with one simple step:

Just don’t pay your taxes

What is the one thing that both Apple and our favorite get-rich-quick fiscally conservative influencers all have in common? None of them pay taxes. Now, there are many different ways to do this, but there are two main popular methods of achieving this massive overhaul.

Don’t pay them

Just keep your money and if the government needs it they can get it themselves. This one here is pretty self-explanatory. One of the reasons why paying your taxes is such a long, lethargic process is because the people who created it are these dorky bureaucratic losers who have nothing else to do.

Me, I’ve got to get back to finding that razor-sharp edge that all the other investors don’t have such as putting literally all of my funds into Tesla’s stock after the rocket launch, but that’s for another article.

Write your losses into your taxes, write off your gains as donations or philanthropic worth

This strategy is a personal favorite of mine because it’s the most battle-tested way of keeping your hard-earned cash in your pocket where it belongs.

Silicon Valley giants like Apple are notorious for this as they hire the world’s best accountants to make sure that Income Statement line stays at nada where it belongs. The key here is looking for some, any way that you could qualify for a tax deduction or re-balance.

A personal favorite of mine is lowering your paid salary to that of the lowest tax bracket, having your company donate to your personal charity the rest of your due salary, and classifying your investing portfolio as a venture capital fund that invests exclusively in publicly traded companies, on the NYSE floor.

Of course this is all about a hypothetical investment portfolio. Definitely no connection to my investment portfolio at all.

All said, paying taxes is a real money sink that many companies and investors sadly fall prey to

I guess that’s just what we get for making society the great melting pot of opportunity that that companies like Apple do every day, thanks in no small part to the efforts of small children and women across South Asia. I just hope that my tips and tricks help you save your own money and keep it out of the hands of the corrupt politicians that want to see the great American engine stall out and police academies burned.

Until next time,