Matt Gaetz French

Rep. Matt Gaetz has been all over the news after allegations that Gaetz regularly shared naked photos of his sexual partners with other members of congress and paid underage girls to have sex with him and his friends.

For the most part, both Gaetz and the GOP have been rather quiet since the allegations were made, but Gaetz has now finally broken the silence in the form of an op-ed for the Washington Examiner, during which he lambasted his accusers and announced his plans to move to Metz, a small city in the northeast of France’s Grand Est region.

“Since I’m taking my turn under the gun, let me address the allegations against me directly. First, I have never, ever paid for sex. And second, I, as an adult man, have not slept with a 17-year-old. Third, while I dearly love my home state of Florida—I have decided after a long conversation with my legal team that it is in my best interest to move to France to pursue other interests.”

Gaetz came across intentionally vague in his depiction of what “other interests” might be, but one former staffer told The Stonk Market that she noticed he had Googled “Age of Consent in France,” “Is France an extradition country,” and “Expensive High Schools in France.”

The last search being particularly troubling as he is not married and has no kids that would be enrolling in high school anytime soon.

Venmo was apparently not the only technology Gaetz failed to adjust the privacy settings on.