Ritholtz and Downtown Josh Brown take PPP Funds


Stunning news to report as portly hot shot and CNBC D List celebrity Josh Brown have reportedly taken government PPP funds to keep operations going and from laying off staff at $1.3 billion Ritholtz Management. Speculation is rampant, but after Josh Brown bragged on an internet blog about how well he and the firm were doing, rumors are beginning to fly.

Several Twitter sources have questioned the official excuse, rather pointing to Josh’s bulging physical figure and his personal dietary needs as one reason the firm was maybe having cash flow issues and needed the loan. Apparently Josh Brown was not missing many meals and was having seven lunches a day in between recommending hot and winning stocks like Macy’s right before they cut their dividend and Disney, right before the company shut down their parks due to COVID-19.

In addition it is speculated that Josh was a regular at many three star Michelin restaurants and would order portions for the whole firm, even though he was the only one at the table.

Another explanation is Josh, after somehow being able to read “Bailout Nation” by His boss Barry Ritholtz, came to the conclusion that Greed and Easy money is what he deserves because he is so smart and was on the show “Billions”.

Whatever the reason is, this is sure to make CNBC’s six remaining viewers question his integrity.  Stay tuned for updates.