Source: Riverside Sherwood’s Facebook

Every week the Ad-Venturing Music Team gathers in our cliquey office and discusses what underground music we have all been listening to.

Underground music is a gem. It’s a hidden asset many people tend to not appreciate.

Sure, some of it can be total garbage. But on the flipside, when you find a new underground musician it can make your week.

This week the Ad-Venturing Music Team decided hands down that it will cover RiverSide Sherwood.

We first heard about RiverSide Sherwood on Spotify through his new album, “Secure the Bag”. The album goes hard and fast like a Lamborghini – and when Sherwood needs to refuel – he pulls out a fully loaded AR-15 and blasts the entire underground rap scene.

Sadly, there isn’t much information of RiverSide Sherwood on the internet. But I tell ya what, the album is straight up gangsta. The Michigan rapper rewrites the entire rulebook – tell me this guy isn’t risky business.

If you have watched any of Sherwood’s music videos – I suggest you watch this one – you can immediately tell Sherwood is a Rap Behemoth.

Intriguingly, from Riverside’s Instagram, it appears as if the Rap Behemoth is also a bodybuilder – not many other artists can say the same thing!

Next time we are in Michigan we plan to reach out to the Rap Behemoth – Sherwood Harris. Hopefully we can catch him in at a concert. But in the meantime, we will be definitely bumpin’, “Pray For Me”.