Robinhood makes splashy New analyst hire


Menlo Park CA – Since his retirement in 2017 famed Wall Street technology analyst Yolo Wolf has kept a pretty low profile. But now he makes his triumphant return to Wall Street.

“I haven’t seen a money making opportunity like this in years. The macro back drop has never been better,” said Yolo Wolf from his home office in his mother’s basement.

“If you look at tech it’s cheap and undervalued. Sure we are in a deep global depression but since when does valuation matter?”

The analyst will work in Robin Hood’s new Yolo Research Department covering tech and internet stocks. “ I obviously really like Apple here, they are going to sell mad phones yo.” Yolo Wolf has a price target of 500.

The analyst also likes internet names such as Shopify and Twilio which he considers deep value plays here. “Our proprietary deep value model keeps spitting out these internet and software names. We highly recommend playing this on margin or via deep out of the money call options,” the analyst said smiling.

By Patagonia Vest Family Office