Ross Gerber

Ross Gerber, founder of Gerber Kawasaki announced via Twitter he will quit investing to become a full time influencer.  “My value to this world is tweeting amusing things for people to laugh at,” Gerber tweeted.  “I plan to wind down Gerber Kawasaki and become a full time social media influencer.”

Ross Gerber, known best for being a perma-bull and Elon Musk cheerleader founded Gerber Kawasaki over ten years ago.  Since then, assets under management have grown from $50 million to $1.1 billion.  With an knack for the millenialls mindset, Ross has become one of the most influential investors on social media and regular guest on CNBC.

“I grew my AUM to over $1.1 billion,” Ross stated 75 times.  “This makes me a billionaire.  I have over $1.1 billion in AUM.  Dave Portnoy is a joke.  I bang bond guys all day.  $1.1 billion.”

Gerber Kawasaki plans to take divest all positions and reinvest proceeds into brand new Tesla cars.  The Tesla cars will then be distributed pro rata to the investors.

When asked what he will do with his time, Ross responded saying, “instead of tweeting 700 times per day I will tweet 1,400 times per day.  75% of my tweets will be picture of me with my Tesla.  The other 25% of my tweets will consist of pictures of my Tesla with BLM quotes attached.”

In a note to investors Ross stated he would be like one of those YouTube finance influencers whose entire brand is they have a Tesla and bought Tesla stock at $200.  He then stated his PPP loan for the motorcycle business he started during COVID will supplement his income as he ramps up the monetization process of his social media brand.