Ryan Sitton Wins The Best Technical Chartist of the Century


Texas – The Stonk Market is pleased to present The Best Technical Chartist Award of the Century has been awarded to Sir Captain Ryan Sitton.  The award is duly recognized to Mr. Ryan Sitton after he publicized his breathtaking chart titled, Demand Projections Based on Month of SIP Lift.  This was the most technical and well thought out chart The Stonk Market team has ever laid their eyes on. 

Please see visual image of this chart below:

“You can really tell a whole lot of super high IQ brainpower went into making this masterpiece,” Daniel Kamovich of Kamovich Technical Trading stated.  “Historically, at my firm, we have made our technical charts using an advanced piece of software.  I never realized it was possible to use Microsoft Paint to make brainy high IQ technical charts.”    

The Stonk Market team was most impressed by the May projection depicted in the orange line.  If you zoom in on the May projection you can tell a lot of thought, went into drawing that line.  “I bet Sir Ryan drew that line at least twice, but not more than three times, to get that angle just right. 

Sir Ryan Sitton took to the social media platform, Twitter, to publish this advance piece of technical logic.  The internet rejoiced almost immediately – Ryan’s picture got 30 Retweets and 60 whole Likes.

“The thing I liked most about Hero Sitton’s chart is how it looks like a sloth hanging from a piece of wood taking a dump on seven alpacas eating brunch,” Kimberly Wood of the Art Institute of Technical Charts said.  “I have printed this chart off and hung it on my fridge.”

Despite the nobility and heroism, becoming the best technical chartist of the century does come at a price.  Mr. Sitton has received many negative comments after showcasing this masterpiece.  One individual named Average Coronapocalypse Investor said, “This is the worst looking chart I’ve ever seen.  Delete your account.” 

In our humble opinion, Average Coronapocalypse Investor is likely a virgin who doesn’t even know what a barrel of oil is.  This virgin commentator is also likely using multiple bots to like his posts – for we find it very suspicious that this virgin’s comment got more likes than Mr. Hero Ryan Sitton’s beautiful chart.  We have reported Virgin Loser Average 211 Steel Reserve to the Cyber Police and urge you do to the same!

All in all, we are more please to reward Ryan Sitton with for the Best Technical Chartist of the Century.  This is a noble prize worth more than an M.B.A from Texas A&M University.  In these dire times, this award is likely worth more than the entire Texas Energy market.

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