Wall Street – Saudi Arabia cried like a five-year-old girl with a spoiled diaper this weekend when it decided to increase oil production and start an all-out price war with Russia.  “The Saudi’s are literally crying like toddlers with poop filled diapers,” Energy Economist Rich Peabody said over national television.  “My little baby daughter acts like this when we force her to eat her peas.  I would have never thought the Saudi’s would cry like a kid with a pee filled diaper.”

The action from the crybaby Saudi’s come after Russia rejected an agreement with OPEC on cuts in oil supplies to bolster prices.  Saudi Arabia responded to the Russian retaliation by literally stomping its feet, pouting like a baby and pooping its pants in front of the entire world.  Oil prices are expected to drop 10% following the Saudi tantrum.

“Them goddamn crybabies,” Daniel, a shale oil and gas operator stated while spitting chaw in a Mountain Dew bottle. “Them sons’ of bitches are gunna make me have to explain to my investors why the backhalf cash flows never came this year.”

U.S. oil and gas exploration companies have spent the weekend updating their aggressive presentations for investors come Monday.  Fortuntely all crap U.S. shale producers have “breakeven” prices below $10/bbl now.

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Source of feature image: Crying girl