Lambo Plywood

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Saudi prince Abdullah bin Rajah flaunted the latest symbol of the Saudi royal family’s wealth Monday revealing a 2022 Lamborghini Huracán fully plated in ½ inch plywood. The vehicle was exhibited in front of an audience of Saudi aristocrats who lavished praise on the prince’s vision. The unique style was a decidedly sharp break from the standard plating of gold and other precious metals typically used throughout the region to signal the owner’s standing among the oil rich elite. Lumber’s meteoric rise in price has made the material highly sought after by luxury brands and buyers, but this is the first example of a sportscar manufacturer using it to accentuate their product.

“The rise in commodity prices is opening up a whole new palette for high-end products,” said Louis Vuitton Chief Fashion Officer Giles McGill. “As housing, oil, and food becomes increasingly scarce along our dystopian timeline, fashion designers are thrilled to start using these once common materials to adorn the wealthy as they look out from their chic concrete bunkers.”

The Saudi royal family appears to be kick starting a trend, with many lumber producers disclosing record orders for wooden yachts, plywood paneling in Monaco penthouses, and toothpick festooned watches.