An earnings call nightmare. At least that is what everyone and their mothers on Wall Street is calling it. And what a complete disaster it was.

On January 24th, 2020, Bariatric Lavatory (BIG), a billion-dollar company on the New York Stock Exchange had their earnings call. Fourth quarter earnings for Bariatric Lavatory were dismal to put bluntly. But everyone knew they were going to be. The fourth quarter is a seasonally slow quarter for Bariatric Lavatory. Unlike the roaring second quarter where everyone is trying to get that beach bod.

Bariatric Lavatory had their earnings call 9am sharp. Everything was going smoothly. Sell side analysts asked their typical questions:

  • “Can you provide me some color on so and so?”
  • “I have three questions for you today?” – in which the CEO answered one question and totally forgot the other two.
  • Hey, guys. Thanks for taking my question. I was hoping that you could give us a little bit more color on…blah, blah, blah”
  • “Hi everyone, this is George Goldstein stepping in for Robert Blumpkin (I say this every time despite the face I have stepped in for Robert for the past 10 years).

Everything was going smooth. Sure, the CEO had to tell one of the sell side analysts to take the phone off speaker when he asked his questions (like he does every quarter). But despite that, everything was going well. Then the last question came in.

“It wasn’t the question that upset me,” the CEO of Bariatric Lavatory told us. “What upset me was that he didn’t even say ‘nice quarter guys’ like he does every earnings call.”

It was a shocker to everyone when the sell side analyst who always says “nice quarter guys” didn’t say his two-bit line.

The market immediately reacted, selling of Bariatric Lavatory 10,000 basis points.

“I couldn’t even concentrate on what his question was,” said the CFO of Bariatric Lavatory. “I totally missed what he asked. The only thing I could think about was how mad he must have been.”

We tried to get a hold of the sell side analyst who didn’t say “nice quarter guys”. He hasn’t responded to any of our emails.

Bariatric Lavatory continued to sell off the rest of the week. 10,000 law firms have already filed those annoying lawsuits against Bariatric Lavatory looking to find shareholders that have gotten financially damaged. Rumor has it the SEC is going to start an investigation on Bariatric Lavatory.

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