Over the holidays Senator Bernie Sanders was seen at the many bars in Burlington Vermont. Yet again he was trying to appeal to the younger crowd by slamming IPA’s and talking about dismantling capitalisms. Little did he know he would contract the deadliest variant of the coronavirus yet, “taxacron”.

After the bender he went home to his home in North Hero. It was reported that he woke up the next day with a nasty cough (COVID). His advisors said that Mr. Sanders would have to quarantine.

Many supporters gathered outside the home of our beloved senator to help him get through this difficult quarantine. It all seem fine for the first few days. But by day 10 he took a turn for the worst. The senator was seen yelling through a megaphone about taxing billionaires in his whitey tighties. He then turned around and mooned the crowed with feces spraying all over his windows.

Many people were shocked at the Senators Performance but he gained many young supporters that day, as the younger crowed is into some weird stuff.