Shocking: Penny Stock Promoter actually isn’t a shady scam artist


In a shocking turn of events, Jim Pikes, penny stock and newsletter promoter was reported to be a good person and actually not a shady scam artist.  “You know I’m a good person,” Jim Pikes said.  “I have helped all of my students become penny stock millionaires,” Jim said while driving his fresh off the rental lot Lamborghini.

Jim Pikes is known best for turning $12 dollars of his Bar Mitzvah money into over $1,200 dollars trading penny stocks.  “I’ve become quite successful,” Jim said in a not so smug attitude.  “You know if you sign up for my newsletter you also could turn $12 dollars into $1,200.”

Today Jim Pikes is a self-proclaimed penny stock thousandaire.  In 2010 Jim started day trading in penny stocks and turned $12 dollars into over $1,200.  Jim has now taken the high road to train thousands of single moms and loser men who still live with their grandma with his ‘Not a Scam’ Penny Stock Newsletter.

“I’ve faked it until I made it,” Jim said smiling.  “If you want to become a self-proclaimed penny stock thousandaire you gotta look the part.  See all these fancy cars in my driveway?  I just rent these from Hertz, but people think I own them.  See this fancy mansion?  I’m actually a real estate agent part time and this is my clients house.”

Faking it until you make it has worked for Jim.  “I have 10,000 subscribers to my newsletter,” Jim said. 

Jim’s ‘Not a Scam’ Penny Stock Newsletter cash flows over $25,000 per month and “pays” for all of Jim exotic trips where he shows his students how they can become penny stock thousandaires and trade stocks riding an elephant in Thailand.  But according to Jim, he has never been out of his hometown.

“I just photoshop myself in all of those exotic places.  Photoshopping myself in infinity pools makes me look rich and successful and helps sell my newsletter.”

Despite the obvious scam Jim is running, Jim claims to actually be a good person.  “I go to church once a month and always tip my waiters 5%.  You could say I’m a saint.”

Jim’s ‘Not a Scam’ Newsletter is currently running a special for $8,000 dollars a month.  If you sign up in the next 3 seconds you will become a part equity owner of this newsletter (with zero actual equity but you can tell your friends you have equity) and a owner of a timeshare in Florida that you will never be able to exit.

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