Shocking! Quoth the Raven only drops F Bomb 56 times in latest podcast


Philadelphia – Chris Irons, the personality behind Quoth the Raven, shocked fans last night when Chris only dropped the F bomb a mere 56 times on the popular podcast Chris runs.  “I wait in anticipation everyday for a new QTR podcast to drop,” said fan Alex Berkman.  “My favorite part is when Chris goes on a swearing rampage and trashes the Fed.  Sadly, Chris only dropped the F bomb 56 times on this podcast.”

The popular podcast Chris runs has soared in viewership with over two million downloads and 182 episodes.  Most viewers of the QTR podcast have a financial background and enjoy Chris’ open and transparent dialogue.  Chris has been known to go on hour long rants where he just trashes the economic system and the people behind it.

“When Chris goes on his Federal Reserve rampages, I just start pounding brews and taking shots,” fan, Michael Burkett said.  “There is a two-drink minimum when listening to QTR.  But I always drink much more than two drinks.”

But last nights episode shocked fans.

“I typically take a shot of whiskey every time Chris drops the F bomb,” longtime fan Eric Melvin said.  “When Chris only dropped the F bomb a mere 56 times, I was sadly disappointed.”

For an average podcast, Chris typically drops the F bomb 600 times.  “I was shocked beyond belief,” Eric Melvin said.  “I don’t even think Chris trashed talked that dork who is destroying our worthless fiat currency.”

Fans of the QTR podcast have taken to social media sites to discuss this shocking incident.  One fan thinks Chris might be selling out to get advertising dollars from traditional sources.  Another fan believes Chris may have been visited by the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) and was subsequently threatened.  Still another group of fans believe that Chris is actually a reptilian and his true form is Jerome Powell and he will slowly convert fans into becoming loser Keynesians.

No matter the theory, fans generally expect Chris to drop the F bomb at least 600 times and for Chris to go off on several rants about how the Federal Reserve is the worst.  Nonetheless, I believe everything in the QTR world is going to be ok.  There is whisky in my coffee this morning, I have a pile of gold in my safe and if the Federal Reserve is reading this, please screw off.

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