Shocking: Trump hasn’t tweeted about the great stock market moves yesterday


Washington – In what will go down in a moment of history, Donald Trump has not taken to Twitter to tweet about the great stock market moves from yesterday’s stock market smasher.

Yesterday the stock market rallied upwards as Jerome Powell made a statement on 60 Minutes stating how the Fed has unlimited ammunition to pump markets.  Further reports indicate the Fed is looking to replicate what Japanese institutions have done for years – buy stocks.

Adding to the already pumped up market, there were multiple reports that a cure for the novel COVID-19 may be nearer than some have hoped.

Despite the stock market smasher from yesterday, markets sold off in early morning trading sessions as Trump has yet to send out his self-congratulatory tweet on 409Ks.

“This is bad news,” Jason Barns, equity analyst at Bank of America stated.  “It is not good that Trump hasn’t tweeted about the great stock market moves.  Usually Trump tweets about a half a basis point move on the dot.”

Traders across the globe are reported to have been refreshing Trump’s twitter page non-stop waiting to see if the stock market moves yesterday were really that great.

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