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Side Effect Of COVID Vaccine: Massive Rotation Into Value Stocks


The first major side effect of the COVID vaccine has emerged: a massive rotation into value stocks.  “Ever since taking the COVID vaccine I started compulsively buying industrial stocks trading under book value,” Cathy Wood, Tesla bull stated.  “I’ve completely sold all of my Tesla and gone straight into these Ben Graham net-nets.”

The massive rotation into value stocks started when Pfizer announced they had a cure and could ship in the month of December.  The rotation has continued since, with value stocks outpacing growth stocks for the past two months.

“Seconds after I got the COVID vaccine I hopped into my Robinhood account and sold all of my bitcoin,” Sam Jones, 13 said.  “I then rushed to buy anything that didn’t look like a tech company.  My new biggest holding is Berkshire Hathaway.”

With the rotation into value stocks, local bookstore, Amazon, said demand for value investing books has skyrocketed.  “We will happily beat earning estimates this quarter,” bookstore clerk Jeff Bezos stated.  “Sales of The Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis have been quite strong.”

And while this is all certainly good news for loser value investors who have been holding the bag for the past 20 years, don’t celebrate yet.  “When all of these Robinhood traders realize they traded a portfolio of quality companies for a portfolio of cow crap look out below.”