Silver prices continued to crash into Tuesday’s afternoon trading session as investors rotated out of the “zero revenue” speculative metal and into safe haven electric vehicle (“EV”) stocks.

EV stocks, known as blue chip retirement assets, soared to new highs as investors realized these assets will never generate any cash flow what so ever.

To build on that narrative, SPI Energy (“SPI”) rose over 3,000% after announcing the launch of EdisonFuture.  Investors screamed like little girls who got their first kiss, rushing into SPI without doing any due diligence.

Mike Owens, a research analyst at Goldman Sachs stated, “it doesn’t matter if these EV stocks are real or not.  As long as they are named after a famous inventor they are priced at 6 trillion times 2030 cash flow.”

The last remaining value investor was found dead on the side of the road after getting ran over by Nikola’s new truck that only works when pushed down a hill.  Peter Schiff was seen rocking back in forth in a corner clutching a useless pet rock he drew a face on.

Analysts predict that silver is likely to go negative this year as it produces no revenue and is not an EV stock.  Rumors are floating around that Kyle Bass might go activist on silver and change the name of the precious metal to NikolaTeslaMetals.