Pamela Anderson NFT Sex Tape

While cleaning out her attic of all old Bay Watch episodes from the early 90s, Playboy Playmate and actress Pamela Anderson says she stumbled across her old VHS recorder. “and whadya know was still in there? But that tape Tommy Lee and I made on our boat vacation in Lake Tahoe from 1997,” Anderson told Stonk Media of the surprising find.

“My nephew saw me watching it and I guess he immediately saw dollar signs and quite a bit more, too!” she later said. “Then I just lost track of it and I guess he put it in the computer somehow and now Sotheby’s says I’m gonna be rich… again.”

Sotheby’s stated in a press release that they hope, “this will be the first of many NFTs in the 1990s era ‘oops I misplaced my sex-tape’ genre. It was really the start of shameless publicity stunts that led to the rise in stardom of so many household names we take for granted today.”