SportsBra Taylor

It’s The Stonk Market’s resident degenerate-in-chief @bigtitstrader here with a hard-hitting interview with Sportsbra Taylor, a beautiful Irish lass looking to drain your wallet. You can find her on Twitter where, in the past, you could have guessed her bra size for a free subscription to her OnlyFans.

It says here you’re a financial dominatrix, or FinDom. What is that?

FinDom is a transfer of power. A lot of the men who engage with me are successful and dominant in their lives. The money lets them process that they’re going to be submissive for a while and they won’t have the power.

Paying money to get humiliated- sounds like value investing.

That’s my favorite thing about the entire process, the self-exploration.

What should a guy look for when trying to find an entry point into a position?

The right hol… I mean investment!

What the ROI for a subscriber to your OnlyFans?

Like buying Tesla stock, but Elon Musk personally gives you an enthusiastic handjob xoxo

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