Nassim Taleb OnlyFans

Author and financial guru firebrand Nassim Nicholas Taleb revealed on twitter Tuesday that for the past six months he has been raking in thousands of dollars from OnlyFans subscribers interested in both ergodicity and eroticism.

“This move is wholly in-line with my classical values and commitment to the Lindy Effect. It is after all, the world’s oldest profession” Taleb tweeted, much to the moderate surprise of his followers.

OnlyFans, a site that links influencers directly to their fans by means of monthly subscriptions, strongly supported the move, crediting examples like Taleb for drawing people to the platform.

“We are grateful for Taleb’s content, as well as many others, who show that we are not just a way to track down nudes from that girl that dropped out of your high school 5 years ago, but we are also a forum for alternative financial analysis.” OnlyFans spokesperson Leroy Johnson said.

Photos on Taleb’s account include him performing a naked deadlift, mathematical proofs for 15th century Syrian riddles, and a copy of an Aramaic Bible.