Ted Cruz Cancun

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been accused of traveling to Cancun, Mexico, amid the ongoing ‘Texas Freeze Crisis’, which has left millions in the area without power or heat and in freezing temperatures.

The allegations took off when photos began to circulate on social media overnight, appearing to show the senator at an airport and on an airplane. The story spread like wildfire on Twitter, infuriating Texas residents trapped inside their homes.

Despite the growing public backlash, Cruz stated he has “No regrets,” continuing to say that “If the rest of Texas wants to hop on a plane and join me down here, well, they are more than welcomed to!”

To make matters worse for the squirrely politician, Cruz’s tweets from last summer’s horrendous California wildfire season have resurfaced, as he decided it was a golden opportunity to mock California’s residents—when he laughed that California was “unable to perform even basic functions of civilization, like having reliable electricity,”

iss an opportunity to dunk on the libs and downplay the viability of sustainable energy in one fell swoop.

While he doubled—then tripled down on his decision to go to Mexico tweeting out a picture of his wife snuggled up by the pool with another man, he did admit that he had to walk back his comments from last summer.

Not because they were immoral or cowardly, but rather, because now Texas was shut down from extreme weather.

Always good to see a slimey senator tweeting out emojis from Mexico, while his citizens are literally dying in the streets.

Can’t put a price on that kind of leadership.