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Tesla shares spike as Musk spotted at Suez Canal with SN11 rocket in effort to distract freighter captain, creating international shipping logjam

Suez Canal

In a difficult logistical move, famed billionaire Elon Musk moved his upcoming SpaceX SN11 rocket test launch to the Sinai desert in an effort to distract freighter captains and halting movement of oil through the Suez Canal.

“We just thought an innocent little test launch in Egypt would help the local economy, who knew it could also cause an international shipping crisis through the most heavily traveled squeeze point for oil distribution,” Musk told reports while sipping daiquiris seaside at a Sharm El-Sheikh resort.

“Who knows, if perhaps this will drive the price of oil up? In any case, it would be a win-win for the environment, electric vehicles and of course, me.”

Unfortunately the launch didn’t reach its intended 10KM test height as local ISIS fighters hiding out mistook it as an Israeli and Egyptian coordinated attack and destroyed it with a barrage of Rocket Propelled Grenades during take-off.