The Bloods Take Majority Stake In Smith And Wesson


LOS ANGELES – Growing increasingly concerned over prohibitive gun laws, the Bloods acquired a majority stake in Smith and Wesson. 

“As gun laws continue to get more restrictive, we have decided to take a majority position in Smith and Wesson, effectively forging our own destiny,” a spokesman for the Bloods stated.  “With our ownership of over 13.5%, we now have a majority position and will look to get a board seat.”

A 13G was filed on Smith and Wesson Friday afternoon.  According to the SEC filing, the Bloods have acquired a 13.5% stake in the gun manufacturer.

The Bloods are a notoriously violent gang based in the coastal region of Southern California.  With an estimate of over 50,000 members, the Bloods are the largest gang organization in the United States.

“With our ownership in Smith and Wesson we are now the largest shareholder and will be looking to take control.  If the board doesn’t cooperate we will be changing our G filing to a D filing.”

Rumor on the streets suggests the “Crips” are in panic mode.  However, some analysts believe the Crips have built a sizable position in Lockheed Martin as a counter defense.

Bloods Smith and Wesson
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