Robbie Lickingball

When I got this assignment, It never crossed my mind, not one iota, that this would be more than a market story. Back then all we envisioned was providing you answers to some tough questions. What started out as a typical interview, quickly turned into so much more. Something, unexplainable, a peek into the mind of what some call the Keyser Söze of finance.  Some say he is a quack, others say his knowledge is pure brilliance. What I know is this man this myth should be an inspiration to all of us. Morpheus says “ I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk Thought it.  Well walk through this door with us, and decide if what you witness is madness or true genius, free your mind, let go of it all, fear, doubt, disbelief, open your minds eye to the possibilities.

The story of Robbie Lickingball. The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

With markets making all time highs, on good news, on bad news, hell on no news. Can we say we have entered into a new paradigm in how markets react? Are the tried and true fundamentals that we’ve relied on gone? Are the technicals that so many have charted obsolete in this environment? These are tough questions for any investor or trader regardless of their experience level. That’s why today we have someone special to help answer these serious questions. CNBC has blocked his number, Bloomberg won’t even call him back. His knowledge and understanding are so vast Real Vision said he was a quack, But we have gotten the exclusive, the once in a lifetime opportunity, to interview what some call the Keyser Söze of finance here is the legend the myth Robbie LickingBall!
I have to warn you . This was supposed to be a taped live interview ,but someone…. not naming names….lost our only copy in the mail. So my verbal dictation is all we have left

Eloise:  It is nice to finally meet you

Robbie: Likewise

Eloise: I like for my audience to get to know you a bit, before we jump into the nitty gritty. So, let’s start off with something slow. What’s your Favorite color?

Robbie: All shades of black.

Eloise: Favorite season?

Robbie: Death.

Eloise: That’s a little morbid don’t you think?

Robbie: Look, life is complicated. There are a million strings attached to every choice you make. You can destroy your life every time you choose and not know for years. if life was like a box of chocolates, we would all enjoy the Dark Chocolates and everything would be sunshine and rainbows. 

Eloise: Ok, that is an interesting, little dark, but interesting, what’s your favorite music?

Robbie: I listen to Bach and Chopin in one ear and Alice and Chains in the other.

Eloise: Really?  I’ve never heard of someone doing that.

Robbie: I find that it helps to stimulate my frontal cortex, making my medulla oblongata more cerebral.

Eloise: Did you study neuroscience?

Robbie: No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express Last Night.

Eloise: You do know that’s a commercial, right?

Robbie: I don’t watch TV,  I think it’s one of the worst things in our society. Its the Matrix of our reality. 

Eloise:  I’d beg to differ on the TV Part.

Robbie: Which part?

Eloise: That you don’t watch TV. What’s your favorite quote?

Robbie: “You either believe in magic, or you believe in math” it was said by the Head of Santiago Capital. Me personally, I’ve never been good at math, but magic, that’s my game. That’s legit.

At this point in the interview I didn’t know if I should take him Seriously or not, he said he didn’t watch TV, but he dropped 4 classic references. 1. A Forest Gump one 2. Who would know that about Holiday Inn 3. Water Boy medulla oblongata 4. The matrix and reality. Now he just said magic is legit?  I figured he was toying with me , so I had to come directly at him. Really ask the tough questions.


Eloise: Ok, so how did you come about trading?

Robbie: I lost my job in the late 90’s

Eloise: Were you in the Tech Sector

Robbie: I was a cabbie.

Eloise: Yes, the tech crash hurt everybody.

Robbie:  Not related to that at all, Oak Grove, the town I grew up in had 35 people, then the Great Wake happened, 33 people died from old age. I was BFE

Eloise: Oh, that is horrible.

Robbie: Mother opportunity knocks at the most unexpected times in life makes you jump even when you don’t want to.

Eloise: Mother opportunity? Never heard that before.

Robbie: I picked that concept up, from one of my mentors, Ricky Bobby.

Eloise: Who is that?

Robbie: You don’t know Shake and Bake, or Baby Jesus bringing  the bountiful harvest of Dominos, KFC, Taco and Bell?.

Eloise: Sorry can’t say I do, who is he this Ricky Bobby?

Robbie: Only the greatest NASCAR driver that god has every created. 

Eloise: See I don’t follow NASCAR, but I do have 2 questions. Frist, what is it about this Ricky Bobby that he inspired you so much. Second, are you a religious man Mr. Lickingball.

Robbie: I’ll answer the ladder first. Yes, I pray to Baby Jesus, when I’m about to get margin called. I pray he will bring me a bountiful market correction in my favor. As, for Ricky Bobby, he taught me when Mother Opportunity knocks, You better act fast because if you ain’t first you’re last.

Eloise: What about Second, Third, and Fourth Place.

Robbie: In life there are Haves and Have Nots! Nothing in the middle?

Eloise:  You’re a strange Fella, strange indeed, what was the first investment Mother Opportunity brought your way?

Robbie: That’s interesting you ask that, I bought some porn stores and made a killing then I went all in on

Eloise: So the tales are true? Your Brilliant.

Robbie: They don’t call me Big Balls Robbie for nothing!

Eloise: That must have made you a fortune, set you up for life?

Robbie: I lost my inheritance with that, plus all the money I made on the porn stores.

Eloise: Oh no, did you let your balls get too big?

Robbie: That wasn’t the worst of it. I mortgaged the house and the wife’s pension.  

Eloise: Oh, I’m so sorry, but on a positive note, it seems like you succeed at failing!

Robbie: Ha, Succeed, I’ve mastered failing. Failing has been my guide, it has shaped me and that moment shaped me for life.

Eloise: Oh, do tell more.

Robbie: For the first time I was free I had no bills, my wife left me and my house was foreclosed on and on top of all that Mother Opportunity was knocking hard.

Eloise: Was she saying Party Time?

Robbie: No, not party time, that would come later. but for the first time in my life I had perfect clarity.

Eloise: Elaborate.

Robbie: Looking myself in the mirror that day, I knew I had found the way, the light, the truth.

Eloise: Do tell more.

Robbie: Seconds became mins, which became hours.

Eloise: You can tell time?

Robbie: Haha Yes, but, everything slowed, I could see the next hour, day, year. I could see everything so clearly.

Eloise: Sounds like you were in a rough spot and having a moment of clarity happen at that  time must have been inspiring. What was so Clear?

Robbie: I could get people to invest in the illusion of me. 

Eloise: What do you mean?

Robbie: The Late 90’s early 2000’s were a circus clown show, anyone with any idea, could get money from anyone who had it.  

Eloise: Yes, I remember.

Robbie: See, I knew, then I could take unabated risk with other people’s money.

Eloise: What, about risk management, the hallmark of any successful investor?

Robbie: Haha, Risk Management, you watched that on YouTube?  

Eloise: Every successful trader, investor has their own risk profile.

Robbie: Back then just as today, what was the risk? All people cared about then and still care about nowis what is their yield. Money was flowing like wine then just as it is now. I knew if I lost I could re-up anytime. 

Eloise: That sounds a little unethical don’t you think?

Robbie: Life is unethical, kids are starving is that ethical?

Eloise: What does that have to do with investing other people’s money?

Robbie: Everything, a butterfly flaps its wings for the first time and halfway around the world a hunter kills a dear!

Eloise: What are you talking about?

Robbie: Everything!

At this moment I could see the interview was going off the rails and I had to try to pull him back to reality. I was looking forward to hearing this legend speak for so long, but I was starting to wonder if he was a quack, if his legend was just that legend, If he truly was nothing more than tails my colleagues talked about at the bar, don’t pull a Lickingball your wife will leave you. Wait, don’t invest in that Lickingball owns it. I needed answers, I wanted this mystery solved so I took back control and got him back on point. My audience needed answers: he had the knowledge, the experience, So I just hit him with the big one.


Eloise: So Mr. Lickingball are we seeing a new Paradigm in how markets are priced and how they react?

Robbie: Yes and no, but maybe so.

Eloise: I don’t quite understand?

Robbie: See that’s the point.

Eloise: What’s the point?

Robbie: That!

Eloise: What is that?

Robbie: Exactly!

Eloise: Exactly what?

Robbie: That!

Eloise: I’m not following you Mr. Lickingball.

Robbie: That, Exactly, That!

Eloise: I don’t mean to be rude but maybe you are a quack.

From this moment on the interview got quite interesting. Mr Lickingball went on this rant. As I sat back and listened I questioned his sanity but the more he talked, the more he made sense, and the more sense he made, the more captivated by his quackery I became.


Eloise: Mr. Lickingball. I asked you a direct question, the sole reason you are here today is to answering that question and give my audience some insights.

Robbie: That is what I’m doing.

Eloise: No, Mr. Lickingall you are obviously not!

Robbie: I’m trying.

Eloise: No, Mr. Lickingall you are playing games! YES, NO, MAYBE SO!

Robbie: If you would.

Eloise: STOP TRYING TO MANSPLAIN ME, I’M TALKING NOW! I prod and you play a game of who’s on first. WTF is that, exactly or exactly that.

Robbie: I can explain.

Eloise: Nothing you have said has any context to the original questions.

Robbie: I’m getting there.

Eloise: Look, if your gonna play games, and not take this interview seriously, we can end now. 

Robbie: Can you see what I did ,you see how I made you question your own understanding, how I made you doubt what you thought you knew.

Eloise: Do what? I’ve…. if anything is being doubted its your sanity.

Robbie: Can’t you see? How I answered your questions while confusing you at the same time. How I made the reality, you thought you knew, become the reality I wanted you to know. How I created an illusion! 

Eloise: Haha, if you call this answering questions, then no wonder Real Vison thinks your a quack, or why Bloomberg wont call you back!

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Right Then, Mr. Lickingball, dropped the Acronyms of Acronyms

T- Transhistorical Turbulent Times Theoretically Tweak Tried True Technicals, Temporarily Transforming them.

H- Hard Factually- Fundamentals Historically Hemorrhage Harmonically Helping

A- Accelerate an Absolute Autocorrection 

T- That Transforms

E- Economic Econometrics Extremely

X- Xenophobically

A- Absent A

C- Cataclysmic Cycle Causing Common

T- Tried True Technicals To

L- Literally Liberate

Y- Your Yearnings for Yesterday’s Yields 

T- That

H- Have


T-Transpired.      Are Yesterday’s Yearns

That, Exactly, That 

Robbie: Does it make Sense Now?

Eloise: I’m lost for words, I uh, uh, don’t know what to say. 

Robbie: See.

Eloise: I’m still trying to gather myself.

Robbie: Told you.

Eloise: I’m stunned that there is brilliant quackery.

Robbie: Thank you.

Eloise: I’ve only seen this once before, you just Musked me. How did…. that acronym?

Robbie: So when you ask me “are we in a new paradigm in how markets react”. Yes my answer is yes. 

Eloise: Preach!

Robbie: Prices are at levels never before seen. The DOW just crossed 30k for the first time on no news and markets are moving up, down and sideways on nothing. 

Eloise: I’m finally picking up the crumbs you’re putting down.

Robbie: You see Market Dynamics change they cycle, they evolve, but I say NO, we are not, because historically we have seen episodes like this.

Eloise: The Tulip Fever of 1637s.

Robbie: Yes, The Tulip Fever of 1637,  but also the Panic of 1819,1825, 1837.

Eloise: The Onion Scandal of the 1950’s.

Robbie: Yes, The Latin American Debt Crisis of the 1970’s

Eloise: The Collapse of Soviet Soros Communism.

Robbie: Yes, all great examples

Eloise: How do you derive Maybe so?

Robbie: Because only time will tell if the smartest guys in the room are valuing companies correctly.

Eloise: Smartest guys in the room? Isn’t that a movie?

Robbie: Yes, the Enron movie.

Eloise: I thought you didn’t watch TV?

Robbie: Movies are not TV, they are an art form, an expression in its purest form.

Eloise: Ok, Boomer, I think it’s just TV.

Robbie: Just TV, the  Big Screen is a canvas, that masters have perfected.

Eloise: The masters as in,  Spielberg, Kubrick, Tarantino, Nolan?

Robbie: No, Critics would have you believe those are the masters, but I’m talking about Adams, Siffredi, Jeremy and John “Buttman” Staglie.

Eloise: Who are they?

Robbie: Who are they, are you kidding me? They are The Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Picasso of our time.

Eloise: Sorry, I haven’t heard of them.

Robbie: I’ll get you the Adventures of Butt-man series theirs like 13, I’ll have my people contact your people, it’s a must watch OMG you’ll love it.

Eloise: Ok great, looking forward to that, so let’s get back on Track. We got lots to unpack. The smartest guys in the room.

Robbie: Great movie Have you seen?

Eloise: Yes, but you said, only time will tell if they’re valuing companies correctly please elaborate.

Robbie: So each time the fan hits the poop, the smartest guys in the room are pretty dumb. Take the GFE.

Eloise: The GFE?

Robbie: Yea, The Great Fudge of Enron.

Eloise: Oh ok,  thought you meant something else.

Robbie: Like what?

Eloise: Nothing please explain.

Robbie: You sure?

Eloise: Yes go on.

Robbie: So, everyone thought Enron was the new darling, they were voted most innovative company in 2000,and on Dec 3 2001 it went Bankrupt. Smartest guys not so smart, wouldn’t you say?

Eloise: Sure but that was pure and simple accounting corruption .

Robbie: Corruption, haha, so there is no corruption today?. 

Eloise: No, I didn’t  say that there will always be corruption.

Robbie: Look at Amazon, Apple, Tesla, the Faang or Tech in general. The whole sector is valued more now than before the pandemic. Take Apple, it has grown stagnant  over the last 5 years. So how are they worth more now?  What has changed, was there less systemic risk then, are the prices right now? Are these the new bonds of our generation, the new safe havens?  Only time will tell. 

Eloise: All great points and great questions but answer me this, are those companies overvalued now?

Robbie: Hell I don’t know if I knew that, think I would be sitting here. Valuations are in the eye of the beholder, what is gold to some is bitcoin to others.  

Eloise: You don’t like answer direct questions

Robbie: Ask the right questions.  

Eloise: What are the right questions?

Robbie: Oh you didn’t get the list before hand 

Eloise: The list?

Robbie: I’m pulling your wig. 

Eloise: Pulling my wig?

Robbie: You’ve never heard that before.  

Eloise: No, you have a way of getting off subject.

Robbie: What is the subject? 

Eloise: Are those companies overvalued? Are we in a new paradigm, what advice would you give my audience ?

Robbie: Look Analysts, come to me with reports, they say they are clearly readable. I look and see gibberish. They guarantee me a 4 year old could read this. Well show me the 4 year old I can’t read this garbage.

Eloise: What are you talking about, are my questions like a 4 year old, Am I the analyst? You’re losing me again.

Robbie: Oh no, none of that, you’ve been great, I just wanted you to know I can’t read. 

Eloise: You can’t read?

Robbie: Well only at a preschool level.  

Eloise: OK, you’re doing it again, Market Dynamics, isn’t that your companies name? Explain to my Audience what that’s all about.

At this moment Mr. Lickingball jumped up, startling me.  I was confused, what was all of this? Had I upset him? What could I have said now, he didn’t leave earlier when I called into question his sanity. Why the theatrics now? But, in a calm voice He asked if he could see my glass of water and he proceeded to pour it out slowly, while waving his hand, as if he was conducting music as he talked.


Robbie: Markets flow, just like this water at times, see how it’s smooth, easy, beautiful. Just flowing, right up till till it hits the floor. At that moment that is where all the action happens. That on the floor, that puddle, that is what separates the winners from the losers, that grimy puddle right there. Once pure water, now a mixture of dirt from not only your shoes, but from your producer’s shoes, and hell the janitor’s dirt is there. That pure water that a min ago you would drink, a min ago you would use to shoot up your marijuana, and a min ago it was worth more then a Turkish Lira. That pure free flowing water, its next stop is mud. That mud will turn back to water and evaporate. That my friend is what Market Dynamics my company is all about.

Eloise: Your company is about Mud and Water?

Robbie: Follow me.

Eloise: I’m trying

Robbie: See we try to help people understand how to tell the difference between water and mud. Help people Understand that water flows completely differently from mud. That mud flows completely differently from gas.

Eloise: Are you giving me a chemistry lesson?

Robbie: You see just as water and its many states that flow independently of one another and completely different. Markets have many states or sectors that are independent of one another that also flow completely differently. Market Dynamics my company helps people to understand the flows of all markets in all of their states. Not just understanding them when they flow smoothly and structured, according to the dynamics in play, just like pouring water, but also understanding the times they are chaotic choppy, rough, grimy, dirty, like when the water impacts the floor and causes the puddle their. But unlike this water, markets need room to breath, you see markets are sometimes on their last leg of a marathon and they need a break. Other times, one sector says hell no, no break what are we drinking its Roll Call Friday. Markets are sometimes flowing in harmony like the Bundy Trio on the Voice, other times their offbeat like Napoleon Dynamite dancing. Now I’m not implying markets are a living, breathing, and full of consciousness, I would be a quack to say that, but at times they are. At times they have a predictive nature, other times they feel like they’re lost in a maze with no lights or direction, but if you understand the Market Dynamics in play, which we help you with. Then you can understand the telegram the market is trying to send you and if You Use my proprietary Technical Fundamentalist Trading Strategies that are built of the principles of Market Dynamics then you can even read the telegraph before it’s sent.

Eloise: OMG,  that is brilliant, I have heard the best speak, I was handing Tissues to Ackerman, when he called into CNBC, I helped Elizabeth Holmes get ready for her CNBC interview, where she claimed first they say you’re crazy, but then you change the world. Your poetic speech, just now, water to mud to gas technical fundamentalist , you can read telegrams before they are sent. OMG you’re more than a genius, you are a crazy quack of a genius.

Robbie: Thank you, but just to be clear, I don’t claim to know the future,but I do know that if you utilize my Technical Fundamentalist Strategies,you can peer into the future, see the unseen know the unknown, feel the Market Dynamics in play, feel them deep in your soul.  Hear them in your mind’s eye.

Eloise:  So how did you learn all this, water flow,  reading telegrams before the are written?

Robbie: I learned it from another one of my mentors.

Eloise: Another mentor you must be some kind of special to have multiple who is this one?

Robbie: Bruce Leroy.

Eloise: You mean Bruce Lee?

Robbie: You don’t know who Bruce Leroy is. 

Eloise: Can’t say I do, who is this Bruce Leroy?

Robbie: Last dragon, only the 3rd best, wait 4, forgot Jackie Chan, wait, 5th theirs Karate Kid, sorry 6th theirs the next Karate kid, shoot.

Eloise: I’m lost again.

Robbie: I’m talking about the greatest martial artist of all time.

Eloise: I assume Bruce Lee is first, who is second?

Robbie: Lee first are you kidding me , he is great , that’s why he is second , but the reason Dave’s Day Trader Started using scrapple blocks , was him. Mark Dow was hit so hard. He went back in time and punched John Dow and that’s how we got technical analysis, when the market is dropping, it’s not the President’s tweet, or the Invisible China Trade Deal, or the vaccine news that lifts it. No he roundhouses the Dow back to green.  His kicks are faster than the speed of light, it’s because of him Elon knows we can go to mars. I mean you want to interviw someone it him, the man, the myth, the legend, Chuck Freaking Norris!

Eloise: You mean Walker Texas ranger.

Robbie: Who is that?

Eloise: Ok we’re way of course, How did this Bruce Leroy teach you so much about flow of water and how they relate to markets.

Robbie: When Bruce Leroy rose out of the water, glowing, he stood there and caught that bullet with his teeth.

Eloise: You know that’s impossible physical impossible right 

Robbie: Impossible, now we’re onto something. The word impossible is an illusion created to cage your mind. That word is a prison  where ideas go to die. The concept that is impossible was created by the haves to stop the have nots. There are endless possibilities all around us. There are no rules to what is possible there are no boundaries it can’t not cross, if your mind can think of it and if you can dream it then someone probably not you can achieve it. I’ll go one step further if Trevon Milton can create a 50 billion company that makes no money, produces no product by just hiring someone to write a comic book style pitch book…. I’ll take it even further if the people who run the FED can say “we have technology, called a printing press (or today, its electronic equivalent), that allows us to produce U.S. dollars at no cost.”  Then say “The myth that’s out there of us printing money. We’re not printing money.” Then follow that up with “it’s not tax money, the banks have uh accounts with the fed, much the same way you have an account with commercial bank, so to lend to a bank we simple use a computer to mark up the size of the account so it’s much more akin to printing money.” Then say “not literally” in front of congress if for years they can spin this illusion and markets say “Okie Dokie Silly Okio, I’m not an idiot.”  If all these things are possible, then Bruce Leroy can stop a bullet with his teeth.

Eloise: We got a lot to unpack there, but back to Brice Leroy is it safe to say he taught you anything was possible?

Robbie: Yes, one could say that. 

Eloise: Would you say that?

Robbie: Possibly, but he also taught me to Trust the Plan. 

Eloise: You’re really are some kind of special, a min ago you were talking about your Technical Fundamentalist’s Strategies, what are they telling you about the market dynamics in play.

Robbie: So back in Oak Grove, Before the incident, when we were a thriving town. They had this bar, it was a foundation of the community that had been around for 75 years, it was called the Ghost of The Past. Weird I know but you could get a beer, lunch and a comfortable GFE experience for 4 dollars.    

Eloise: GFE experience?

Robbie: Yes, it was an old American Legion, they had Government Furnished Equipment, the bar stools, probably the only good thing the government made. Anyway for 4 bucks I got a beer, lunch, and the ability to sit relaxed stress free 

Eloise: The place was pretty cheap?

Robbie: Yes, I went back earlier this year. It was all hip, and cool. They changed the name to carnivores and It cost me 30 dollars for a beer and a Steak and I didn’t get a GFE experience, they had cheap IKEA bar stools. What a joke.

Eloise: I’m waiting on your nugget here, like the steak comes from a cow, which comes from Mother Earth.    

Robbie: Why would I say that, that makes no sense, what I’m saying is that 20 years ago a beer, lunch and a GFE experience cost you 4 dollars, today it’s 30, with no GFE; and the Fed and markets say there is no inflation, we’ll give me my 26 dollars back and my GFE experience.

Eloise: Oh, Ok, what does  your Technical fundamentalist strategies say about the market dynamics in play during inflationary periods and what do they point you towards, Gold, Tips, Bitcoin.

Robbie: That’s interesting you asked that, it’s pretty eye opening  It’s screaming that we are getting ripped off if a steak and a beer cost 30 dollars now, 20 years from now it could be 40/50 we’re gonna be paying more now and maybe later only time will tell, but what it really means is the have nots can’t eat steak anymore. As what to invest in. Stay away from steak products and think paper I’ll explain later.

Eloise: That’s great my audience will love that, and I caught that crumb , I’m catching what you’re putting down. So what are the principles of Market Dynamics that you eluded too early.

Robbie: Now I can’t just give you my secret sauce, but if your audience  signed up to my newsletter, it’s buy one month at $49.99 get 2 months for less than half $19.99 they could get a glimpse at the Principles in play.

Eloise: Mr. Lickingball, I didn’t  know you started producing a newsletter.

Robbie: That’s not all, I got a whole series coming out. Its about learning the losers edge, learning to lose like a Pro. 

Eloise: The losers edge, why would anyone want to learn that?

Robbie: You have to learn to lose before you can learn to win. Look at John Elway, you think it was Terrell Davis running. Mike Shanahan’s playing calling that won him those Super Bowls. Hell no, it was the humiliation of the experience of those 3 losses. Jordan didn’t even make his high school team. My sister in laws brother’s wife’s 2nd cousin on his dad’s side played with Jordan he was all state, but he ain’t the greatest player in NBA history. Look at Al Pacino, he was nominated 8 times when he had a kids voice he lost. Once his voice matured from all those losses he won. All these brilliant people had to lose first. Look at Magic, hit, huge success , then flamed out. 

Eloise: Magic , Magic Johnson flamed out?

Robbie: Magic Johnson the theater owner, no I’m talking about  “Oh, oh, oh, it’s magic you know. Never believe it’s not so.” Magic was the song ,Pilot sung it they were supposed to be the next beetles. You remember 867-5309, one hit wonders.

Eloise: Oh ok, I got it

Robbie: My point is when Mother opportunity presents itself and your nervous,  but on the surface you look calm and ready,  your plans are sweaty business is weak your debt is heavy, the the throw up on the suit is the strippers, spaghetti  and you have this one shot to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment would you be ready for it or would you let it slip away. 

Eloise: Mr. Lickingball did you just cite Eminem lyrics?

Robbie: Who is he?

Eloise: “Lose Your Self” the song You just cited his lyrics?

Robbie: I freestyled that right There 

Eloise: My god man you’re full of the best bullcrap I have ever see. You have to lose before you can win, freestyling on the spot,  please please I’m begging you give my audience a glimpse of your newsletters.

Robbie: Ok, I’ll give you this for free this is what my next newsletter says Markets what are they? I ponder this. I think of them as fairy tales that actually happened

Eloise: Oh, nice title, what else does it say?

Robbie: That’s it.

Eloise: You charge someone $49.99 a month to tell them markets are a fairytale.

Robbie: Yes, brilliant isn’t it.

Eloise: OMFG you’re the Einstein of trading! 

Robbie: I like that, it’s more kid friendly then big balls Robbie. Mind if I trade mark that. I could put that on some hats.

Eloise: No by all means take it, ok so give us more what is your take on the debt situation we are in Now?

Out of nowhere a muffled sound started coming from Mr. Lickingball’s pocket. It was unreadable at first, but it progressively got louder and louder. Wait a min, I heard this before, those piano chords, that guitar riff. WTF, does he have “Lose yourself” as his ringtone?
Mr. Lickingball, looked down at his phone and motioned to the door, I nodded with my approval, and then he hopped up and exited. I expected a quick break, but 15 minutes turned into 30 and we started to get worried, but his assistant guaranteed he would be back. At this time, my assistant producer, who moonlights Carlson, came to me and said we should get this first part back to the studio so our production team could work on it as quickly as possible……………………………..  Part 2 Coming Soon.