In a choppy market, it is conventional to expect surprises and predictions from analysts, economist and managers. 

Surprise Surprise. We have a list of our surprises for the next couple of weeks for the financial markets 

1. Nasdaq Composite 100, S&P500 and EURRUB 

EurRub has been a surprising currency from 2007. And we believe itll surprise traders with a 20% surge. It is definitely worth having on your Watchlist. 

The market is sure full of surprises and no other surprise stand out for us more like S&P 500 and Nasdaq100. Most investors will find themselves in a a rather unpleasant situation when these two indices unleashes a bull trap. Inversely to EurRub these two instruments will surge 20% from current levels. 

The stock market does not belong to your grandmother, so it is not a surprise to exercise absolute respect and simplicity. 

2. Bitcoin. Yes Crypto talk again! 

It should not come as a surprise to miners when we talk of Halves. For the dumb money traders, the halving will occur in May of this 2020 year. A surprise for most will be when this LoveIt or HateIt Cryptocoin reaches the $20000.00 price levels after the halving. We specifically have no model for bitcoin and any cryptocurrency for that matter, but as an analyst I would invest my federal notes in atleast 10-13 coins. 

3. USOIL and Energy Stocks 

In a short run, we expect a small surprise to drown the USOIL to $15 per barrel mark. A real surprise however, will be how this stocks will unprecedentedly surge. It will be of immense advantage to your returns to keep this on your Watchlist. 

4. Biopharmaceutical Stocks 

Option Traders might not be surprised by the surging biopharma stocks. Hell, some of you investors might not be surprised by Regeneron and Biomarine. So for those dumb money traders, join the club and invest in this sector as well. 

5. South Africa! Throughout the world’s financial sector, South African banking sector will return huge gains for those who are aware of How Not to be a Chump. The Reserve Bank of South Africa will make the Consumer Friendly economy and its Banks a haven for those looking to buy financial stocks. 

6. Tech Stocks and Mobile Network Providers. Virtual reality always superceded reality as we know it. In some parts of the world it is not a surprise to attend virtual religious services. Companies MTN (Mobile Telephone Network) are cutting their data packages pricing in half to take full of advantage of this Covid-19 lockdown. To eliminate the element of surprise, we are watching video conferencing and chatting companies and providers. We expecting zoom, microsoft, alibaba, amazon, uber and apple to surge and return a rather chunk of profits to those who know how Not to be a chump. 

7. Walmart and McDonald’s Regardless of any pandemic, the human species need food and will always have an urge to shit and utilize toilet tissue paper. From a conventional view point, it makes absolute sense to invest in these sector. As humans we will never let go of fear nor greed. Throught the world, consumers are panic buying, it might be unnecessary for some “realists”, but it is highly necessary for the likes of Walmart, Target McDonalds. 

Regardless of this global pandemic, there is actually more than one way of “milking” the markets. The markets are as simple as it gets, and dumber than nature. Remember, exercising caution will only take a few minutes as compared to losing millions of dollar papers. 

The opinions stated above are exactly that! No classified information was used to derive to this opinions. Choosing where and how to spend your money will always prove profitable to investors. 

A surprise remains a surprise until you know! 

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