In a shocking turn, @The_Real_Fly announced Thursday night that he was withdrawing his candidacy from the FinTwit Madness tournament and threatening legal action against competition organizer @MoneyMnuchins.

Known to all on Twitter for being smug and dismissive, @The_Real_Fly’s relentless communications on the social media platform also took a tone of stark despondency in the wake of his tournament withdrawal and self-described “worst trading day any trader has ever had in the history of markets ever.”

@The_Real_Fly was widely expected to lose in the current round in FinTwit Madness to @TheProphetGod, who was indeed leading the inscrutable Fly by over 1500 votes in early preliminary results. The effects that his withdrawal will have on the tournament are unclear, and it remains to be seen if he will be replaced or simply be defeated and end his run after advancing to the Elite Eight.

@MoneyMnuchins commented with a long list of body parts that everyone involved was invited to “suck on until drool comes out the corners of their mouths.”

It seems that @The_Real_Fly also had a poor session day trading the markets, writing in a blog post on his mostly-ignored website that he conducted a whopping 67 trades and lost over 5% of his portfolio value on a day when even Will Karaman was able to finish with large gains.

This performance was seemingly blamed on giving audience to sarcastic Twitter accounts, raising more questions than answers about @The_Real_Fly’s ability to function as a stable human adult.

@The_Real_Fly’s withdrawal from the tournament came just a day after his previous blog post, celebrating his round one win and asking for a My Little Pony playset and for his legion of not-quite-edgy-enough-for-ZeroHedge followers to vote for him. It is unclear whether his waning enthusiasm for the competition resulted in his poor trading results, or vice versa.

When reached for comment, @The_Real_Fly sent a long stream of messages that included “no interest,” “I don’t care,” “you misfits bore me,” “I’m going to sue you,” and “I’m not going to sue you, I’m going to send rioters to your house and then I’m going to sue you, let’s see how you like BLM antifa anarchists now.”

Just before press time, @The_Real_Fly posted another tweet calling for all protesters to be subject to chemical castration, followed by yet another calling Coronavirus a globalist hoax and simultaneously hoping that all of New York City dies from the virus.