Olivia Voz
Olivia Voz

The age old debate continues on: Is Olivia Voz a Mannequin?

Thousands if not millions of conspiracy theorists are convinced Olivia Voz, a reporter for Modern Wall Street, is a mannequin.

“There is just no concrete evidence that Voz isn’t a mannequin,” Twitter user Casper stated. “I have yet to see anyone drop evidence that this Voz reporter is actually a real human. I think she was made in Japan.”

The debate on if Olivia Voz is a mannequin initially surfaced when Alex Jones called out Voz for being a reptilian that smells like sulfur. “I am told Obama, Hilary and Olivia Voz just stink,” Alex Jones rambled on his radio show. “They all smell like sulfur covered reptilians.”

Many would think a name drop from the shirtless Alex Jones would lead to a tarnished reputation – but it was the exact opposite for Voz.

After the name drop by Jone, Voz’s popularity skyrocketed with over 15,500 Twitter followers, 2,000 Instagram followers and a website called VozNews that has ranked high in Google Algorithms.

“I generally think people enjoy thinking of Voz as a mannequin,” Jamie Dimon, small time banker for Chase stated. “People in the banking arena are pretty tired off all these real people telling them what stocks to buy. I personally like getting my investment news from a mannequin.”

But not everyone shares Dimon’s praise for Voz. A community on Reddit called VozIsTheNextTerminator believes that Olivia voz is actually a terminator sent from the future to destroy the world.

“If you look at her eyes closely they never blink,” a Reddit user said. “This means she is 100% a terminator.”

We have no opinion if Voz is a terminator or not. But looking at her pictures, we can confidently say it’s likely Voz is a mannequin.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Instagram
Source: Twitter

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